Nick Terry - The Talisman

Nicholas Terry is a noted sculptor, jeweller, designer and trained intuitive healer. Training for over three years in a private healing centre he ventured off into the world to ground his talents.

Being introduced to this path in his formative years a succession of synchronistic events grounded him over the years to look inwardly. Starting meditation at 12 and being exposed to people with rare metaphysical talents allowed him to see through the transient things of life.

Combining his design skill and turned from scultpure to the titanium singing bowls and the medallions you see today.

For over fifteen years, forty countries and six continents his experience learning from traditions and healers around the world has added to the effectiveness of his techniques. Now for the last five years Nicholas has been designing Talismans for individuals, designed a divination system of symbol and sold singing bowls around the world, tom kenyon being one of them.

How to order your personal Talisman

How to order

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