Titanium Singing Bowls

Designed with sacred geometry, The Talisman sources only the purest Titanium to create your Ti bowl. Our expert craftsmen ensure the greatest care is taken in the finishing and tuning of your bowl to produce the cleanest and purest sound. Sort after by healers and meditation practitioners for its unique frequency range, the Ti bowl, unlike other singing bowls, allows for a variety of tones, each with its own function and purpose. Through the variations in sound, the practitioner sharpens his/her clarity and focus. Energy fields become easier to clear as the sound penetrates external thought debris and transmutes it effortlessly.

The Titanium Singing Bowl

, we experimented with the resonances in meditation and in the healing room. We used the Ti to call soThroughout the years of the Ti’s inception and refinement, a small collective of healers and I explored many metals available in their purest state; copper, nickel, brass and bronze. Initiallyunds to clear our own emotional blockages and that of our willing test subjects. Before long, we realized the Ti’s relationship with nature and the Earth and took the bowls into the forest. Here, the transmutational and connective power of the Ti was amplified.

Why Titanium

Elements not alloys! Metals, especially Titanium, hold strength and a grounding principle that works harmoniously with other frequencies of crystals, gemstones and geometric symbols. For shifting energy and grounding of energy fields, it is important to have a connection to Mother Earth and nature, (having resonances with elements allows a quicker clearing on bodies and spaces). Much can be said of Titanium regarding healing. It has been called the metal of the new consciousness, with links to mental clarity and focus. Practitioners quickly identify Titanium’s ability to amplify one’s own energy field while supporting emotional releases in others and decreasing anxiety where present. Titanium, from a technical standpoint, is a balanced and stable metal to work with, which strengthens after working it. It is widely used in industry for its outstanding properties; weight to strength ration, non magnetic and resistant to radioactivity and EMF.

Sacred Sounds from Sacred Design

Sacred Geometry is an integral part of the Ti bowls- a design with a specific cubit length that spans the frequencies from the physical earth to the finer outer galactic levels of the cosmos. This allows the Ti bowls to anchor the connection to the Earth, yet bridge to the cosmic frequencies. Through travelling the sacred geometric map within the human body, the Ti Bowls are able to penetrate and clear the chakras and energy bodies of the human system. Beginning with the person relaxing and entering into a trance like state, the Ti bowl efficiently opens and closes the person's energy field and the different sizes can pin-point specific areas for healing.

Suggestions for Use

These bowls can be used in the palm of the hand and struck or rubbed as traditional singing bowls are, this allows the catching or placement of energy over the body. They can be used hanging from the hand strap and passed over the body either grounding or removal of energy from the body.

Observations from people and practitioners

Ti practitioners have said they ‘fill the room,’ warming up the deeper you go. People have noticed that there is not just one singular tone present and can often decipher up to three or four at times. There is a presence of a ‘fluttering’ frequency, while not having a dominant presence in the sound, it has a significant affect in the movement and breaking down of the denser energies. The bowls seem to balance and relax the person on the table by either allowing them to remove themselves from the physical or keeping them conscious to see what is going on in the session. They seem to attune themselves to each individual session, which strengthens over time for the user.

Titanium Singing & Healing Bowls

Please note that the cost of Titanium vary with the market and prices are subject to change.


The “pocket” size bowl gives the highest tone and works well on the upper three chakras, almost 20cm (7.8 inches) in diameter and 1.5mm thickness it can be taken anywhere.



Just shy of 30cm (11.8 inches) in diameter and 1.5mm thickness this has been the most popular with people and practitioners, with a higher tone whilst not being to large nor heavy.



This was the first design of the Bowl which reaches almost 40cm (15.8 inches) in diameter, 2mm thickness. I dub this ‘The Mother Dish’ it has a presence and a weight and is always with me. It has a deep, rich tone and takes to being struck or rubbed equally. Different tones are achieved with different strikers.



This bowl is over half a metre in diameter, 3.5mm thick and heavy and have a distinct difference in the shape with a vertical lip. Though sings beautifully on a cushion or in your hand. Long sustains and with a myriad of different frequencies coming through at once. This great for groups and heavy situations that need a little extra something. These are a special order item.